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How to Make a Website: The Basics

by Roy McEvoy. Published Mon 20 Jun 2011 17:08, Last updated: 2011-06-20

You have a great idea for a website, you think it will look great and that people will be interested in visiting it; however, there is one small hitch: you have no idea how to make a website and you really would rather not pay someone else to do it for you.

The best thing about web pages is that they can be a great way of bringing people together. If you think there is no way you could build your own website, you would be surprised at how easy it is to make even something as seemingly complicated as a social network for your friends online.

So, now you need to take the time to learn the basics of putting together a website and surprisingly, it is much easier than you may have thought.

In fact, even a novice can easily set up a webpage in just a few hours for free.

Here are a few simple steps to get you started:
Create a website domain name. You will be limited to the one which is offered by your Internet service provider, but for a basic website this should be fine. If you are using your website for a business, it is wise to spend a little money and get a domain name which features your business.

Choose a website host. There are a number of free website hosting options available online. For a simple blog page you could use a blog site that contains templates, which will have you set up in minutes. Other hosting sites will give you a few more options than blogging sites and more control over what your website looks like. For your website to look professional you could take advantage of HTML editors. If you use a Mac, you could use TextEdit (or the windows version, Notepad). Essentially these tools will allow you to write your HTML code, ready to be placed onto your website.

Create your own HTML script and upload it yourself. This will give you more control over what your website will look like and you will be able to change key elements easily. Plus, you will not have to pay for an expensive website writing tool. All you have to do is open your text editor and start writing your HTML page.

Below are some HTML codes to get you started. If you want to include images, you may need a graphics program. Many computers come with one of these already installed. You can also create your own social networking sites for a business or social group within minutes.

Some basic HTML rules

Start your page with and close it with . This helps your text editor understand the type of formatting required. A heading should start with and end with .

A title will look like this: . The main body of the text will start with and close with .

A new paragraph will start with *< p> and end with *< /p>, while a new line will start with *< br> but does not require an end tag. There are many more of these simple rules, which can be used to create everything from a line of script to an attractive banner.

While this may seem confusing at first, the basic concepts are very simple; any bookshop or library will have resources, which can point you in the right direction. The advantages of creating your own HTML website are that you have control over it. However, it is more difficult to see any mistakes until the page is uploaded.

Once you have created your page using your text editing software, all you need to do is upload it to your website using your web host. You will need to save a copy of your HTML code on your computer so you can make easy changes and upload a new page any time you like.

This article is unlikely to turn you into a website or social network building pro but it should show you that the overall process is genuinely easy. You can either take advantage of website building templates or you can learn the easy language of HTML and have complete control over your website. The choice is yours.

*Do not insert space when creating your HTML code

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