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Uganda Travel and Tourism News: Nimule bus accident victims discharged

First published: 20110620 1:21:49 PM EST

Ultimate Media

At least 31 out of the 41 people who last Friday got injured in Nimule bus accident have been discharged at Mulago National Referral Hospital. Nimule is located at the Uganda Southern Sudan boarder.

However one of the bodies of those persons killed in the Nimule bus accident remains unclaimed at Mulago hospital.

The body is of a man of about 45 years old. The management of Mulago hospital has asked all people who have relatives in Sudan to go to Mulago and see whether the unclaimed body belongs to them.

The Nimule bus accidents claimed people from Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea among other countries. Most of the bodies which were taken to the countries named above have been claimed by their relatives and buried.

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