Mosphet Power Amplifier

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Mosfet power amplifier 32W+32W by 2SK134-2SJ49


The all is IC that be usable be power amplifier. the majority has the power to work output , 10 – 20 Watt not exceed. But if want the power to work more this than might bring each other be , brigde amplifier. This way might give power to many work s arrive at 25 Watt (RMS) go up. A part is output of amplifier circuit. These will use the equipment bipolar transistor be a principle. But the advanced technologies will begin to emphasize using MOSFET more and every time more. Because can give the power to work has very tall by is of good quality the work is excellent. Especially in section usability is moderating and power to tall work in a picture show the circuit enlarge TRUE 32+32 watt sizes. By use power mosfet , 2SK134 numbers and 2SJ49 very much a pillar amplify to go out to a loudspeaker well. The detail is other , see in the circuit.

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