Car audio amplifier

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Rangkaian 20 Watt Audio Amplifier TDA7240

Here is an audio amplifier based on the TDA7240 IC from ST Microelectronics. The LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier offering very low distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio applications
This circuit of audio amplifier based IC TDA7240 can deliver 20 watts of audio output power into a 4ohm load. The IC has minimum external parts count and is available in the 7 pin compact Heptawatt package. The IC also has a lot of good features like loud speaker protection, short circuit protection, low noise, low distortion etc. The circuit can be operated from a 12V DC single power supply and this makes it very useful in car audio application

* Use 4 ohm, 20W speaker.
* S1 is the standby switch and S2 is the ON/OFF switch.
* LED D2 is a power ON indicator.
* give good cooling at TDA7240 IC

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